Friday, October 13, 2017

Paranoia Game Friday the 13th

I decided to run paranoia tonight. I use my own rules loosely based on dnd. The idea is make a pc in 5 mins and jump in. Here's what transpired...

Friend Computer was very pleased with friend citizen troubleshooter group one today. Friend computer only had to destroy eight of their clones today. Friend troubleshooters successfully fulfilled missions one, two, three, and four. 

Mission one was to find citizen Kay1y in the Yellow Zone in the Right Spring Factory. To accomplish this mission,  friend citizens troubleshooter group one had to get their green clearance to yellow clearance. Friend computer is missing data memory files on how this was accomplished but the citizens finished the mission and were rewarded.

Mission two was to take 42 left springs and deposit them into the trash receptacles in blue zone. The citizens had to get blue clearance and once again this is missing from friend computers memory banks. The troubleshooters successfully located 42 bins beyond the choppers and deposited the 42 springs in less than the 5 hours allotted.

Mission three was to discover which friend troubleshooter was either in a secret society or mutated. This was odd to friend computer as one clone turned himself in. The troubleshooters completed the mission as the troubleshooter was terminated in the booth.

Mission four was to find the blue zone security guards at the toothpaste factory and terminate them. Friend citizens explained the bad news to the security citizens and offered them to escape. This is an immediate violation but friend computer easy filled with love for friend troubleshooters when they told citizen security to exit through the choppers.


Friend computer immediately promoted friend troubleshooters to brown and upgraded their armor. Mission five was to relax.

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast - Episode 4

This is the month of horror! What is it about giant movie monsters that entertain and frighten us and how can we use that as a game experience?  We talk about the horror movies of the 50s and 60s in this week's Friday the 13th podcast!

Friday, October 6, 2017

GMS Magazine RPG Room - Episode III Universal Horror Movie Monsters in Gaming

This month will be all about running horror games and introducing horror to your existing games. In this first installment, we talk about the class is movie monsters made famous by Universal Studios in the 1930s and what they really do well that we can use in our games to experience a great night of horror gaming!  Join me, Rob Adams and Paco Garcia Jean in this the first installment of my absolute favorite topic, horror gaming.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Savage Rifts - 80s Madness

The party finds itself caught in a massive Nexus storm that almost buries them alive. They come to when a rift opens up and pulls them into Hollywood 1982 (87) when Monster Squad and ET and many other movies are being filmed out of our actual time sequence.

They are invited to Studio 72 by several rad dudes who comment that their makeup is stellar. They eat. They participate in several films until they discovered their wag moved and find a dead security guard.

Madness ensues as the ground becomes foggy and they fight off a horde of zombies. The zombies are revealed to be reprogrammed skelebots as ET slams into the "sky" tearing a hole in the massive building that they are actually in. A mad escape ensues with the group hauling butt out of the building, cavern, and mountain complex.

Surprise! The whole thing was a simulation ran by ARCHIE. ET did shown you how to get home though Rifters.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pics of Games

Here are some action shots of this week's games.

Starfinder Game Quotes

Said in our recent Starfinder game when the Eox boarded the players ship.

Operative "OK, so they have guns. They are walking corpses and they have guns."

Mechanic "I think the guns are part of them."

Operative "Well whatever. Let's just kill them."

Mechanic "Technically, they are already dead."

Envoy "Who's side are you on anyway?"

Friday, September 29, 2017

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast Episode 2

What can we learn from TTRPGS? As it turns out, an awful lot.  Paco and I discuss immersion, narration, save points and more in this episode of RPG Room.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast - Episode 1

This is our podcast 's last week's episode where we talk about gaming. In this episode, we discuss the idea of paying for gms and inclusion of all gamer life styles. Next episode we will discuss how video games can help table top. We are lgbtqi friendly and believe in equal gaming opportunity and representation from old school to new school ideas!

Starfinder Mission One - Angel Five

First starfinder game. Players work for Ares Corp and are sent by Director Alistair Jenkins head of merccon on a Beowulf Classified mission. The players ship is the Viper Explorer Custom the Horizon Destiny. The mission is to escort the Abadacorp Missionary Fabian Trust aboard the transport Angel Five to planet Bretheda's Sopeth's Corporate Mechanized facility. The known pirate of the raider Indigo Falcor, Rexus Vasiek has openly sworn to destroy the Angel Five and the players were advised to keep scanners active before and after any drift jumps.

The trip to Bretheda was smooth but strange Exonian ships beset the Horizon Destiny once she jumped out of the Drift.  A starship battle ensued when an Exoian Necroglider and Eoxian Leech Transport engaged the players. The battle lasted for three rounds of cat and mouse as the glider came quickly for the Angel Five and the Horizon Destiny blocking the attacks by putting herself in the Necrogliders path. The battle climaxed with an Exonian transport slamming into the ships hull.

The boarding action was fierce and the Exonian drones attacked and seriously wounded the Engineer before the crew destroyed them. The battle was hard-fought but in the end, they beat the Raiders and continued the space battle while using evasive maneuvers to protect the Angel Five. Radiation levels began steadily rising, seeping from the Leech as the ships computer, affectionately called Natalie by the crew, alerts began ringing warnings.

We need an automatic sentry antipersonnel security gun guarding engineering.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ten Tips for New Gms

Thinking of starting a game and taking the challenge of being the game master? Here's ten quick tips to get you started.

1. Every player wants something different from the game. It's your job to be sure to setup a method for them to get it. Some like roleplaying or want the spotlight,  some like meta, some like crunch. It's your job to find their motivation and work it into the story.

2. Players are likely to want to be involved in the story in meaningful ways. It's ok to let them be involved with the story but remember to keep an air of mystery about the world and the plot so they don't get bored having full control.

3. I enjoy hamming up as a gm. I do voices, mannerisms, gestures, and use description to really get the character and the scene flowing in their heads.

4. Keep a random list of names and quirks handy. It's helpful for making npcs on the fly. I suggest any baby name generator or the fantasy name generator. That one includes places and things too.

5. Be willing to improvise. Some of our most memorable games were when the players went off the adventure. 

6. Be fair but just. The rules are a guideline but you must be consistent in your rulings or players will see it as favoritism. If you are going to be hard core rules then stay that way. Me, I run somewhere between story and rules and my players know it.

7. Do not use the rules against your players and do not encourage them to use rules against you. If it happens then nip it in the bud quickly. A nice way to do that is to use the same trick the player did on the player if it becomes overly used trick so they will back off on it a bit. I.e. a flaming sphere knockdown spell can be cast by the bad guy wizard too.

8. Villains are not dumb.  Play that up. A good villain will know the players strengths and weaknesses because they'll have tested them through the campaign. When it's finally time for the showdown the villain will dictate the time and place. They will be prepared and ready for the challenge.

9. Most Dragons are smarter than people. Think of all the ways they have stayed alive as long as they have. Like villains, dragons only fight when they want to.

10. It's a game. It isn't a contest or pvp. It's supposed to be fun. Your job is to be a good facilitator of the world. Your word is law and you can involve your players as much or as little in the meta and rules discussions as you are comfortable with. Just be sure to set expectations early on so everyone is on the same page. There is no wrong or right way to play or to run. Have fun!