Wednesday, November 29, 2017


In this episode our rifters go further into the space hulk and uncover more secrets within the Adaptus Astartes frigate including signs of ripped biological containers and destroyed remains of space marines with chests burst open as if something clawed their way out... all the while they too are being hunted by a predator!


Having successfully completed their first XCrawl the crew heads to the local uptown night club, the Phaser Noir for some R&R and excitement! On the way, Kitiara the bounty hunter gets a text looking to collect on a mark. Orcs have been spotted in the area too as have space goblins. The blighters are probably up to no good but it should be a good way to get a few credits plus the place has some triple action blackjack tables just calling Voulay's name. It should be an interesting night!

This episode features: Steve, Warley, Jamie, Mel, and Rob. Frank was absent and another potential player, Cliff joined us for a night of review so you may hear him as well. Cliff will be joining us as the sixth and final crewmember of the ship and is looking at the Mystic or Technomancer!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This is our first offical podcast for the Savage Rifts game and we are still working out some of the additional rules that make up the gonzo mega-crazy world of Rifts. In this game I do have a few guys that are keen on rules but I am very much a GM that believes that is the GMs responsibility to adjudicate the rules and make final decisions whether they contradict RAW or not. In this game, the players are continuing their battle against the genestealers aboard the engineer-like ship while outside the predator-like creature continues its attack against Sheothis the dragon, Anne, and Ankh.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

DND5e Podcast - Tuladyenth - Episode Two

This game is set in Tuladyenth, a homebrew world steeped in Irish Folklore and magic. Our players are delving deep into the Krimel Maze wherein they plan on meeting up with the owner of the maze, Beogan the Half Boggin and learn of the truth of the Changeling for the Queen. Now that they have rested they are ready to continue to their appointment with the master of the maze.

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast - Episode 7 Character Creation for New Players

Anyone that has sat down to create character for any  TTRPG knows how daunting of a task it can be but imagine how daunting it is if you have never done it before? In this conversation, Paco and I will attempt to help new players to navigate the tricky waters of character creation as we cover the bases and give high-level pointers to how best create a character for a role playing game. Thank you for listening.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The players have entered X Crawl on Bretheda. This dungeon is ran by a beholder named DJ Broken 7. Tonight, DJ Broken 7 proudly presents Mr. Robot, a first level X Crawl "Save the Princess" timed scenario. The players will have one hour plus any time extensions they run across to complete the dungeon. This is the Starfinder's first X Crawl adventure as a group. I am using X Crawl as a virtual reality game in which players jack in and can be wounded in real life if they take too much damage in the game at one time. Check it out as the players are cheered and jeered by the fans of X Crawl. Ready Crawlers?

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast - Episode 6 Funny Horror

In this episode we tackle humor in horror games. What does it mean to be funny scary? Comedy is extremely hard to do right and more often can ruin a good horror game if used outside the context of the game world. We give you many movie examples and some scenarios for your game.

Hail to the king Baby!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

DND5e Podcast - Tuladyenth - Episode One

This is our first offical session recording for the Tuladyenth game. The world is a homebrew world steeped in Irish Folklore and magic. Our players are delving deep into the Krimel Maze wherein they plan on meeting up with the ower of the maze, Beogan the Half Boggin and learn of the truth of the Changeling for the Queen. So far, they have only met with traps, riddles, and an occasional monster but the elusive Beogan is no where to be found. Is he more of an idea than an actual being? Statues of him abound. Will they get to the bottom of the mystery tonight? Only time will tell...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Starfinder Podcast - Destiny-Horizon 1024217

New school podcast from an old school gm.

Today's episode picks up right after the Starfinder Intro to Destiny-Horizon where the crew is on Yazan taking sides in a civil war battle! We take you straight to the action!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast - Episode 5 Slashers

Happy Halloween! No matter who you are everyone has seen at least one slasher film in their lifetime.  What is it about the maniac that beings us terror and what can we do as players and gms to harvest this theme?  Prepare for a bloody discussion of the horror movie monsters known as slashers as this week's GMS Magazine RPG Room Podcast takes it to the next level in our Horrorfest.

1..2...he's coming for you...